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26 September, 2005

ResFest 2005

Well, I'm back. And I've decided to post another messsage, in the hopes that the copious number of individuals reading this blog can give me some feedback. I'm heading to ResFest 2005 in Chicago in a couple weeks, and I'm wondering if any of you have been to it yet (in other cities) and have recommendations as to which acts to see.

Currently I'm planning on checking out a couple of the shorts sessions, plus a feature or two. I don't have the funding to purchase a ResPass (nor really the time to make full use of it). I'm quite interested in Nando Costa's work, though... Love his use of gradients.

I don't anticipate getting any actual responses to my plea, since I think that a grand total of 0 people have even read my blog since I began posting oh so many days ago. Lemme know, mates...

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Blogger dan5 oh, on 8:04 PM CDT, said:  

Hey, I've got no clue about that art thing, but I am reading your blog as of ten seconds ago.

Blogger Andrew, on 5:25 AM CDT, said:  

Hey bud,

ResFest is good. I'm currently in the middle of my attendance week and have only gone to two show so far, but both have been really good.

I saw Shorst 1 and Shorts 2 last night. Shorts 1 was really good. It's like their flagship event since they are mostly a short form festival. It's got two pieces we've already seen from the Res DVDs but they are good ones like "Winner Takes Steve."

Shorts two was also good. It was a lot more animation driven, and the story lines were a lot more vague in many pieces. Kind of a lot of concept pieces so to say. There are some live action shorts in there though as well. There is a doc about a group of blind friends which is pretty good, and really quite funny.

I'm going to see Videos That Rock and Triple Threat tonight, I'll let you know how those go after I've viewed them. I'm also toying with the idea of going to either By Design or Cut & Paste, and the Beck Retrospective, but we'll see what time and money will allow. Costs £6.25 a show, which isn't terrible, but certainly adds up when you take in 6 shows.

I'm sure you'll have fun. It's a good scene to be in.

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