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18 November, 2005

Snowy snowlike snowing

The more you write the word "snow," the more ridiculous it looks and sounds. It's kind of like "plow" and "sniff," which incidentally are two adverse effects of the snowing process. The more it snows, the more we plow, and the more we plow, the more we sniff. Perhaps it's out of sickness, but it could also be out of sadness ("oh woe, not more snow for me to plow! I'm so sad and sick!")

But anyway, it's snowing now in Stevens Point. And it's cold. It is as though winter just stormed right in, without knocking or requesting permission. A few days ago, it was dreary, cool, and autumnal. Now it's white, icy, and very much feels like the middle of a good old Wisconsin winter. Only, it's not. It's the middle of November, and (while I'm excited to see my beautiful nemesis snow return), I'm worried that we're in for a long haul. Months of cold, crackly snow, of blistery winds, of icy fingers. Snowmen, cookies, hot cocoa... short days, bare trees, and dry starchy air.

But for now, the snow sure is pretty.

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