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03 October, 2005

Fifteen Million Candles

Today one of my friends made me aware of a magnificent invention - this super crazy ultra bright flashlight thing-a-ma-bobby that outputs the amount of light equivolent to 15,000,000 candles. Yeah. That's a lot of candles.

Which makes me wonder, how would 15 million candles look, if you were to somehow light them all at once and place them into a giant building. I have a feeling that, sheer logistics aside (how could you possibly light them all at once, or how would you come upon that many candles to begin with), it would be pretty friggin amazing. Probably a lot more amazing than this flashlight, but I guess this is a lot cheaper ($79.95) than buying scads of candles, hiring a crew of thousands, and renting a space much larger than a sports arena (which together I estimate would run in the millions).

They should really advertise this point. I think just saying it's six times brighter than the lighthouse on Montauk Point, NY isn't overwhelming enough.

"$7 mil for a bazillion candles and lighting crew, or $79.95 for our tidy flashlight. Your choice!"

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