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28 June, 2006

Back (now in Black)

So I've been quite busy lately getting ready to do some massive applying to various design studios in Minneapolis. It's exciting, but I think that perhaps I'm spending too much time on getting my online portfolio polished to a fine sheen, and not enough time actually sending my stuff to different firms.

And I'm back at the blog again.. I thought I'd try making my own Blogger template (since I'll be doing this for a friend of mine shortly). It isn't too bad... But a lot of the ole copy/paste/save/refresh action to make sure things are looking properly once fit into the Blogger hooks.

I'm hoping to get my posting up to a bit more regularity as life moves along, and I've even added Google AdSense to my page so that the millions of people who read my blog every day will now start making me some hard cash.


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