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12 July, 2006

Jiggity Jigg...

The home-search was frustrating. Jodi and I looked at places all over the Minneapolis / Saint Paul metro area, ranging from apartments to houses to condos; from rentals to real estate; and from Oakdale through Saint Paul and into Minneapolis.

The trouble is, we need to find a place that fits our needs, and our needs are complicated. We need a place that will be a relatively short commute for Jodi (to Oakdale) and myself (most likely Minneapolis). We need a place that we can afford (probably less than $150K). And we need a place that will be our home, with nearby amenities, good space and a friendly atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the best location for us (Saint Paul, likely downtown) is the most expensive, while the nicest amenities (and least expensive) place is way too far away (just outside of downtown Minneapolis - over an hour commute for Jodi).

It's a contest between the $150K loft with only 540 sq ft, and plenty of additional expenses (read: parking).... and a $113K wonderful 680 sq ft flat located just north of the "bad" neighborhood in Mpls, just south of downtown. What to do?

Elliot Street...

...or The Fitz?

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